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  1. B

    Any ideas on how to get rid of that yeast smell?

    Yes i know, in terms of smells its not everyday on this forum you hear someone complain about a yeast smell but here's my situation: Ive build a functional Co2 bio reactor that uses the yeast sugar water approach to create the gas but as a consinquence i obviously have the yeast smell. Now im...
  2. B

    CO2 collecting

    Is it possible to safely collect the co2 from a yeast sugar water method during the night hours? I was thinking of a 5 gallon jug with a balloon attached to the top would be the best DIY container for the job, but obviously I'm somewhat concerned so I would like to hear from others what they...
  3. B

    Brewing for CO2?

    I'm aware that I need to brew at far diffrent temps than for growing but eoulf thr co2 put off from brewing be a good source for co2? I'm thinking of brewing sake which I've looked a fair bit into and one of the sources I've read says because of koji to break down the rice starch into sugar for...
  4. R

    Marijuana Compounds Brewed Using Yeast By Canadian Biotech Firms

    New medical marijuana products produced by yeast could soon be on the market, the co-founder of a biotech company says. That could potentially lead to a wider range of cannabinoid-based drugs that proponents say could be more effective for treating certain medical conditions than medical...
  5. Blayzed

    Does a Homemade Yeast/Sugar Co2 Generator really increase yeild

    Hey everybody, Does anyone know if the homemade Yeast+Sugar+Water Co2 Generator really helps, and is it worth it? Increase Yield ? Anyone have maybe an experimental grow that can compare a plant that had the Homemade Co2 and one without, and see each's yield? Ex: Size of Generator, Size Room, #...
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