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yellow leafs

  1. B

    Help! Bottom leaves turning yellow

    Hello! I am a BRAND NEW grower, and I'm experiencing some issues with one of my bigger plants. I bought them both from a friend 3 days ago as clones, but the one I just recently transplanted was quite big for still being in a solo cup... So, I decided to transplant it, gave it a hefty bit of...
  2. A

    LED Light Expertise Needed: Current Grow

    Hey everyone, have a potentially unique situation happening that seems to be lighting related, and trying to sort out what’s going on as I’m more experienced with HPS than LED. The following pics are of a SINGLE RDWC plant - The is one plant running off the same reservoir. You’ll notice a...
  3. S

    Brown leaves at 3 weeks

    Hi All just starting my second grow under LEDs and my Northern Light has got a severe case of brown leaf I am 3 weeks in and have checked PH at 5.7 and fed once a week its a full hydro setup that I grew successfully for the first time last year with Blueberry Bliss. Drip fed , air bubbler, and...
  4. F

    Help needed - Blueberry soil grow - Pic

    Hello fellow growers! I been growing in soil for 5 crops but never had this problem before. Soil im using is biobizz all mix and been watering with ph 6-6.5 water only. she grew very well at beginning but then after 4 weeks growth slowed and plant turned very light yellowish. not frispy leaf...
  5. J

    help please! need second opinion nitrogen deficiency?

    Hi everyone this is my first grow the plants are northenlights feminised autos 3 weeks old grown in soil under a 600w hps started adding nutes a couple of days a go on 1/4 the recomondation on the bottle the bottom leafs have gone yello some shriviling up and dieing? I'm pretty sure it's just a...
  6. D

    First Time DWC Grower Help. Yellowing of clones leaves.

    Grow Info: Week One DWC What Strain is it? Blue City Diesel Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid Indica dominant How Many Plants? 4 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Plants are in Veg. Just picked them up from the dispensary Thursday. Day 6 in DWC...
  7. O

    Large fan leaves yellowing and dying. First grow.

    SOIL GROW Strain - Big girl is Northern lights/indica hybrid , Little girl is Unknown. # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - (1) 600 Watt MH Nutrients - Bio thrive 4-3-3, only fed once at (1) tsp per half gallon in its life Jan 13. One...
  8. K

    Help Please - first time taking cutting not sure if there's something wrong

    hi ther fellow growers n smokers jst looking for some help here as i took cutting 7 days ago now they were no sings of anything before i went to work this morning and wen i got bk i went to foilage feed them an i noticed they are starting to turn yellow at the new growth is this normal ...
  9. WizHigh

    Yellow special or yellow not so special? Help!

    I have been farming for about a week no, my first love is growing beautiful and healthy just added its first taste of fish fert, stinky stuff. I had a little surprise today, my second plant is only a day above ground. Just noticed it his morning. But the thing is its YELLOW!!!! YES the first day...
  10. R

    Problem with one plant on the same system!

    I have 2 plants on the same system in DWC. Out of those 2 plant one has yellow leafs on the lower half of the plant and spreading up but the tops are looking good. I have flush and redid my nutrients, check my ppm there at 1000.I did that a few days ago. It going on there 4th week in bloom...
  11. K

    My baby is sick and i need help, anyone who can i would be appreciative!

    8k lumen lamp with vegetative t5 lights 24 hours of light planted in 5 gal buckets with organic choice miracle grow watered with tap water from artesian well
  12. B

    Lowryder#2 Grow In Trouble!

    hi, im growing Lowryder 2 fem's..under a 250 HPS in a closet with good vent/extract works done , and they are in trouble, by the pictures below you can see that im having yellow tips spreading into the whole leaf and killing them off, ive read up on it but cant seem to put my finger on the...
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