1. E

    Zinc lockout high pH

    I have what i believe is a zinc deficiency. I am using general hydroponics flora series gro, bloom, and micro in a recirculating drip system in hydroton. All environmental conditions are somewhat optimal, and pH ranges from 6 to 6.4 but runs up over night to maybe 6.8 at most - (as i believe the...
  2. K

    Spidermite and maybe zinc deficiency - Help and insight would be greatly appreciated

    Hello!! I have browning and die-off at the tips of my leaves. I was thinking a zinc deficiency, as they've been outside and have been receiving rain instead of a feed regiment. I'd love some insight on whether this is a correct diagnosis or if there are other suggestions. Another...
  3. R

    Zinc Deficiency?

    One of my ladies, Berry Bomb, seems to be having some issues. She's about 1wk into flowering and about 5wks old. The soil PH is sitting pretty much at 7 and I'm about to flush with some clean, ph'd water but I just wanna get some other opinions and/or confirmation that this does indeed look like...
  4. trichomes

    Coco Grow question Zinc def.?

    First coco problem suggestions please. All I can find points to nutes, not enough, or too much? zinc? thanks, don't forget to vote!! :thanks:
  5. G

    First time grower / need your help guru`s

    Hello everybody, I have stumbled into a problem and i`m not quite sure how to fix it. I read countless forums but i still can`t make out what kind of deficiency this is. I`m thinking either its Magnesium or Zinc. I really dont want to apply the wrong treatment, that`s why i desperately need...
  6. WizHigh

    ZINC Deficiency Is taken Over My Plants. In Need Of Help!

    PH of my soil is 6.5-6.8. I already know its a zinc def. At first im thinking maybe a zinc def due to lack of nitrogen but now Im thinking its a zinc overload. ive also been using tap water which can cause a zinc def due to to much chlorine. But ive been using water conditioner which kills...
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