420 Skin Care Launches CBD-Infused Bath Product Line And CEO's Leadership Profile

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CEO Marvina Thomas' healing influence inspires as an entrepreneur
and Women Grow's Phoenix Market Leader.​

PHOENIX, Ariz., (October 23, 2017) — The launch of 420 Skin Care's healing CBD-infused product line of soaps, lotions, bath bombs and body butter inspires holistic wellbeing while helping people become their best self. The new product line, available at 420-skincare.com, has also launched the leadership profile of CEO Marvina Thomas.

As an African-American woman, Thomas exemplifies the trending #blackgirlmagic movement studied in The Nielsen Company's September 2017 report: African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic (African-American Women: Our Science, Her Magic). She illustrates the unique power Black women hold as social influencers where culture, commerce and consciousness intersect.

As an entrepreneur and former registered nurse, helping people is what comes naturally to Thomas who is CEO of 420 Skin Care, Vina Soaps and the 501(c)3 nonprofit Start Living, Inc. After learning to make soaps, Thomas experimented with replacing essential oils with cannabis oil to make use of the plant's medicinal properties.

Thomas was recently named the Phoenix market leader for Women Grow, a national organization dedicated to inspiring cannabis entrepreneurs. As the owner of 420 Skin Care, Thomas was a natural fit to step into a leadership position that assists others develop their own cannabis-based business.

Her infectious enthusiasm and charismatic stage presence draws parallels to a former Chicago-based talk show host, echoed by her sentiments on why she invites the cannabis industry curious to the monthly signature networking events at Women Grow Phoenix.

"Creating natural healing products gave growth to a business that allows me to help others in many ways," says Marvina Thomas, CEO of 420 Skin Care and Women Grow market leader. "As an entrepreneur who had to do it all myself, I want to leverage my position at Women Grow and 420 Skin Care to reach out and inclusively embrace future cannabis business owners with information and resources to thrive."

Thomas gives back to the community through her 501(c)3 nonprofit Start Living, Inc. and her non-infused luxury bath bar line Vina Soaps. Start Living is a recovery home for men and women who need transitional housing to fight opioid and/or alcohol addiction. Fifty percent of the profits from vinasoaps.com benefit Start Living with services and resources to reintroduce patients to clean living and the goal to open one new group home per year.

For more information or to order products, visit 420-skincare.com or call 480-235-1297. THC-infused product versions are also available at select Arizona medical dispensaries.


About 420 Skin Care:

Using only premium oils and ingredients to inspire holistic wellbeing, 420 Skin Care luxuriates users with natural medicinal benefits from the cannabis plant to relieve sore muscles, aching joints and skin conditions.

Sumptuously healing soaps, lotions, bath bombs and body butter infused with a choice of THC, available at select Arizona dispensaries, and CBD-only products, available at 420-skincare.com.

Media Contacts:

Marvina Thomas, 420 Skin Care, 480-235-1297, marvina@420-skincare.com or Kim Prince, Proven Media, 480-221-7995, kim@provenmediaservices.com.


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