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After appearing in a photo in the New York Times Magazine smoking a joint, 71-year-old Rohnert Park resident Marcy Dolin said she's received nothing but positive feedback for her candid moment in the spotlight.

"Nothing but sheer joy, absolutely," Dolin said. "I've heard from people that I haven't heard from since 1976 when we moved to California, and it was just marvelous."

The medical marijuana Dolin smoked in the feature photo was one of eight joints she lit up that day to treat the muscle spasms and pain she endures due to multiple sclerosis. She also likes to eat a marijuana cookie (she prefers peanut butter) before going to bed at night.

When her photo moment was reported on the Rohnert Park page of the Press Democrat's "Towns" website, dozens of readers clicked in to share their opinions.

Most said good for you, leave her alone. Empathy was strong among readers in Sonoma County, where 54 percent of voters supported a failed bid to legalize recreational use of marijuana last year.

"Seems straightforward to me, Marcy has found something that works for her illness," one wrote.

"Leave her alone. Get government out of our homes. Personal choice that hurts no one is none of the government's business," wrote another.

Several readers praised Dolan's use of medical marijuana, but said the current laws make it too easy for teenagers to get their hands on the drug.

"I don't know anyone who abuses it, and children can get it anywhere," Dolin replied in an interview. "And they don't get it from the people who grow medical marijuana."

Still others remarked that pharmaceutical drugs typically used to treat multiple sclerosis can have ugly side effects.

"Do you know anyone with MS? I do," a reader said. "Those drugs can change their personality and not for the better."

Dolin herself said that when she tried Neurontin, the side effects were horrendous. That's why she and her husband have been active with the medical marijuana movement for many years, she said.

"I know people who are Vietnam veterans, men and women," Doling said. "I know people with the most horrendous injuries and disabilities that you could ever think of, and that live in peace. Who are they hurting?"

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