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ASA's Employment Rights Bill Passes the California Senate Judiciary Committee


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June 27th, 2008
Posted by Rebecca Saltzman

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved AB 2279. This ASA sponsored bill, authored by Assemblyman Mark Leno, would protect the rights of hundreds of thousands of medical marijuana patients in California from employment discrimination. AB 2279, which is being co-authored by Assemblymembers Patty Berg (D-Eureka), Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) and Lori Saldaña (D-San Diego), is in response to a January decision by the California Supreme Court in Ross v. RagingWire.
The bill will be heard by the full senate after they return from recess on August 4th. If AB 2279 passes the full senate, it will then be sent to the Governor's desk. We will be sending out an alert in late July asking you to contact your senator to ensure the passage of this bill. We cannot pass this important civil rights bill without your help!

The Press-Telegram published an editorial in support of AB 2279 this week, which urges the Governor to sign the bill.

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