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Australia set to legalise mmj


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Im new to this so please bare with me :). Its looking like australia is on the path to legalisation alot of mp's are switching sides and backing the use of medical cannabis. My question is if it does become legal for medicinal purposes who will qualify to be allowed to use cannabis for medical reasons ? Im guessing australia will follow suit of some states in america but where is the line drawn? I suffer from bad anxiety and sleep disorders but cannabis helps with both of those would i qualify as a person that needs medical cannabis ? Also who grows this medical grade cannabis, could anyone with a decent amount of land and equipment legally obtain a growers license of some sort and farm cannabis or will it need to be made in some stupid lab by a straight a+ student from a rich family ? I guess thats all i can think of for now so please leave your thoughts. Sorry for any miss spelled words


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It is getting closer Nekminnut but I think we have a way to go yet. I'm hoping for the change soon my wife has skin cancers and I would love the opportunity to see if some MMJ can help. Looks like NSW might be the first so if you live there you might be lucky. As far as who can get it legally I can't help, sorry. See, Aust Hemp party, and mullaways on FB ask your questions there. Good luck with your quest.

Cheers Peete
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