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Bill Stirs Medical Marijuana Debate

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State legislation that would tweak the medical marijuana law has police encouraged and users ticked.

Senate Bill 377 would require the names of all registered users and caregivers be given to state police, who in turn would provide the list to local law enforcement agencies. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Darwin Booher, R-Evart, has been referred to the Judiciary Committee.

For police, it would be a break from wasting resources by investigating tips about people who turn out to be in the clear.

St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said his department has faced that situation.

"It makes it extremely difficult," he said. "If you know that ahead of time, you can sort a complaint or tip."

Port Huron Police Lt. Scott Pike said Booher's legislation would be a time-saver because it can be difficult to verify if someone is registered with the state.

"It would probably clear up a lot of unknowns because the system is so new," he said.

Many patients and caregivers consider the proposal an invasion of privacy.

Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project spokesman, said a person's status should be made available if they are accused of breaking a law, but it shouldn't be general knowledge.

"For any other medication, the police wouldn't require a list ... that they are prescribed," Fox said. "It's not their business. It's between them and their physician."

Jeremy West, owner of Two Guys and a Grow Shop in Port Huron Township, said because police can verify information with the state police, they don't need a list.

But, he said, patients and caregivers who adhere to the law shouldn't be concerned about having their information out there.

"As long as you stay within the legal limits, there should be no fear of problems," he said.

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This is happening in St. Claire County, Michigan. In case anyone was wondering. Sometimes I forget to post the exact area. I figure if someone lives near an article, they will know it affects them. If not, it's good stuff to learn and know.
But still, my bad for that. I do apologize. I will work on that.



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They must be kidding! They're going to use this information to determine if any "tip" they might get is valid or not? What a load of crap! Somehow I sense AG Schuette's hand in this whole thing - it's holding an ax and he's grinding it. What's more convenient for LEO than a list of all patients and caregivers in Michigan for the State Police to hand over at will to the local heat? "It can be difficult to verify if someone is registered with the state"? How about asking them for their card, dimbulb. Next he'll be trying to get a list from physicians of all Vicodin prescriptions issued in the state.
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