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Bob Marley's Daughter Gets Probation On Pot Charge


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WEST CHESTER, Pa. - The youngest child of reggae legend Bob Marley will spend seven years on probation for growing marijuana in her Philadelphia-area home.

A Chester County judge offered 29-year-old Makeda Jahnesta Marley a choice: a shorter prison term or a long stint on probation. She opted for the latter and risks being jailed if she violates her probation terms.

Marley was arrested in 2008 after police say they found her removing plants from her basement when officers arrived on a domestic-dispute call. She pleaded guilty in September.

Marley's probation calls for her to undergo random drug tests and stay away from drug users.

Her attorney, Thomas Schindler, tells the West Chester Daily Local News that won't be a problem. He called growing marijuana an "aberration."

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