Brown Spots on my AK47


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I'm having a problem with my Ak47's. They are 1 month into flower and they are all started to get either tiny brown spots all over the leaves, new and older growth, or browning edges, or just necrotic spots on the leaves. Some have all of these leaves on 1 plant. I am growing in FF soil, closed grow with Co2, I PH the water to 6.5 unless I'm feeding then PH up to about 6. I use FF nutes at 1/2 strength with the schedule on their website. I've looked around but can't find what might be causing all of these problems. They are also in 5 gallon pots with dolimite lime pellets mixed in and on top.

Here are the images of leaves from my AK47.
I'm 98% sure its calcium def. i have the same strain and its a calcium slut to put it mildly. lol The lime you are using is probably the cause, get yourself some powered lime that will do wonders.
Wrong and wrong look it's starting from root then tip then leaf so meaning its in your food she doesn't like something? ???? Try week off just pure blend tea and do water no ph and just use grow
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