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BENNETT - The Chatham County Sheriff's Department did some early trick or
treating Tuesday, and they came away with thousands of dollars worth of

Chatham deputies, working with Randolph County deputies, wrapped up an
eight-month investigation with a raid on 20 acres of farmland off Buffalo
Road and the arrest of the property's owner on multiple drug charges.

Deputies recovered about 10 pounds of suspected marijuana, Sheriff Ike Gray

The marijuana was found in three plastic buckets buried on the wooded
property. One 6-gallon bucket was nearly full, while two others contained 2
pounds of the drug or less.

Deputies also found a wire mesh box, approximately 6 by 4 feet, that was
nearly half full of marijuana that was drying. The box was on a neighboring
property, but a well worn path from the fence line made it clear it was
connected, Gray said. The path to the drying box was littered with "gate
sticks" that would have given the property owner an indication that someone
had been on his property.

Much of the day was spent combing the land to be sure that all the alleged
drugs were found, Gray said. The state Highway Patrol helicopter assisted
with the search.

"All in all, it was a good day," Gray said.

The raid also resulted in the seizure of 24 gallons of white liquor, Gray said.

Chatham deputies arrested Jerry Kidd, 60, of 231 Washington St., Bennett,
at his residence on charges of trafficking in marijuana, possession with
intent to sell and deliver marijuana, sale and delivery of marijuana,
maintaining a place for the manufacture, sale and delivery of marijuana and
possession on non-tax-paid alcohol. He was placed in Chatham County Jail.
His bond was not available at presstime.

Deputies had been watching Kidd for several months. Undercover officers
made drug buys from him and his property was under surveillance, Gray said.
"We've been watching him for awhile. I heard that he said that the police
would never catch him because he was so slick. He's been a thorn in our
side for awhile," he said.

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