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A career in cannabis is controversial: Some workers dig in their heels and say, "Not me! I'd never have anything to do with that," while others are eagerly doing their best to break in, intrigued at the possibilities.

In my 20-plus years supporting career development in Colorado, a handful of professional paths have either excited or repelled local workers: oil and gas drilling, quickie loan companies and yes, even beer brewing, to name a few.

Karson Humiston, who founded and runs Vangsters, a cannabis worker recruiting firm, specializes in filling the many slots now open in this growing sector. She educated me on some considerations for individuals who do decide to pursue this path:

The industry is comprised of much more than growers and sellers. Mainstream specialties, such as accountants, operations and service, also occur in the cannabis world. And because of its fast expansion, a greater volume of opportunities exist.

-Backgrounds in horticulture, lab processing and chemistry are especially in demand. Similar to pharmaceuticals, new products are constantly in development.

-Work in cannabis has the potential to provide a higher quality of life to employees currently involved in the restaurant business, allowing them to maintain a more balanced and traditional schedule.

-If you're serious about landing a job in this industry, Humiston advises educating yourself on relevant compliance regulations. "This knowledge will give you an edge over your competition," she explained. She also recommends choosing a specific role you want to target, and aligning your professional presentation toward it, rather than adopting an "I'll take anything to get my foot in the door," approach. To research potential niches, descriptions can be found at

From a professional perspective, an opportunity to become involved in an expanding sector can provide a career boost for those seeking growth. But just as working for a religious, political or other potentially controversial organization, having the experience on your resume will turn some people off. If you're OK taking that risk, and believe you're defined by what you do, not by where you do it, cannabis jobs could be worth checking out.


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