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Couple Ends Drug Law Fight

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April 29,00
By Kevin Martin
Calgary Sun
A disabled Calgary couple who say pot eases their pain, abandoned their bid yesterday to challenge Canada's drug laws.
John and Anne Marie Kinsey each pleaded guilty to marijuana-related charges following a raid on their southeast Calgary home nearly two years ago.
Crown prosecutor Scott Couper said the couple kept a few small marijuana plants in their 26 St. S.E. house.
"The search revealed a small marijuana grow area in the living room," he told Justice Scott Brooker of the raid June 24, 1998.
Brooker gave Anne Marie Kinsey a nine-month suspended sentence for simple possession after rejecting Couper's suggestion of a $750 fine.
John Kinsey, who is often confined to a wheelchair, will be sentenced in June on a more serious charge of producing a controlled substance following preparation of a pre-sentence report.
Brooker said a suspended sentence without community service was warranted for the wife because a fine would be too much of a hardship.
Defence lawyer Robert Haslam said his client suffers from glaucoma and is often bed-ridden with migraine headaches.

Published: April 29, 2000
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