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Newshawk: Jo-D and Tom-E
Pubdate: Tue, 15 Aug 2000
Source: Alameda Times-Star (CA)
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Author: Josh Richman, staff writer


Co-Op Now Free To Dispense To People With Proven Need

An appeals court has denied the federal government's request for a temporary emergency
order to keep the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative from dispensing marijuana as

That means the cooperative can abide by a federal judge's rules and begin handing out the
drug to people who meet certain medical and legal requirements. Robert Raich, the
cooperative's attorney, would not say Monday whether that was happening yet.

"The Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative is complying fully and faithfully with the
amended injunction," he said, declining further comment.

U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Gretchen Michael could not be reached for comment

The Oakland cooperative has been at the forefront of California's medicinal marijuana debate
ever since it was the only one of six Northern California clubs to appeal a federal judge's 1998
closure order. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last year told that judge to reconsider,
and the judge last month ruled the cooperative could start dispensing again because the
government failed to dispute a medical necessity for marijuana despite its prohibition under
federal law.

The government is appealing that ruling, but the 9th Circuit on Friday refused to stop the
cooperative from dispensing during the appeal process.

Raich said the government must file its brief by Aug. 22, and the cooperative must file its
answer by Sept. 19. The government will have two weeks after that date to file an optional
reply, and then the appellate court will decide whether it wants to schedule oral arguments.
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