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Don't Forget About Hemp's Many Uses


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
In recent months, and especially since I've been collecting signatures for Initiative 1068, I have been amazed at the genuine lack of knowledge regarding the potential statewide benefits of the legalization of marijuana/hemp.

Everyone from fair-weather friend Allison Holcomb of the ACLU (who knows full well that infrastructure cannot be included in an initiative process), to the Stepford Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske (ended the war on drugs, disappeared for a month and came back saying that cannabis has no legitimate uses ... Stepford anybody? Supposed friends to the cause, but not able to see past their own politically bent noses when it comes to the wide range of legitimate uses of a legalized hemp plant.

What they don't want to bring to the attention of the general public is all of the non-recreational uses of cannabis, such as hemp paper industry, hemp cloth and textiles industry, hemp food products, and even a form of hemp bio-diesel fuel. All of these things put together could generate thousands of jobs across the state, not to mention the billions in state revenue for new industry licensing, employer/employee tax revenues, and at the same time dropping unemployment rates in our beleaguered state.

Unfortunately, none of the big names seem to be capable of standing up to the religious right and closed-minded politicians to point out that the emperor is still naked (and nearly broke).

Hemp is so much more easily renewable than any of our other natural resources, and the potential for financial benefit to the state coffers, as well as to the recipients of all of the new jobs, is astounding for anyone with the eyes to see.

Wake up Washington! Out-moded belief systems are no excuse anymore for strangling the little plant that could save our economy!

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Author: Skot Pierson
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