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Up to this point the FDA has been able to hide behind the skirt tails of the DEA which has kept marijuana classified as a Schedule 1 substance.

The FDA does not have to address any health and safety issues with regard to marijuana, regardless of the fact that medical marijuana has now become legal in 15 states across the United States

They used get away with

There is no evidence that marijuana has medicinal benefits.'

Today their 2010 mantra is

There is no consensus of medical evidence that smoking marijuana helps patients.'

According to the Hemp Historian,

The US Pharmacopoeia admitted marijuana as a recognized medicine in 1850 under the name Extractum Cannabis or Extract of Hemp, and listed it until 1942. Fluid extracts were marketed by The Smith Brothers, Parke Davis, Squibb, Lilly, Burroughs Wellcome, and other leading drug manufacturers."

Presumably The Smith Brothers, Parke Davis, Squibb, Lilly Burroughs Wellcome and other pharmaceutical companies do have the evidence (and the scientific research to back it up) on their Extractum Cannabis products. If the products did not actually work, these companies would have been sued long ago. Those products were made with organic cannabis. Indica was used for some medicines and Sativa for others. The oil was drained from the fruit and used. The powder was distilled and then sold in a jar mixed with alcohol.

Source: Extractum Cannabis - National Cannabis Revolution | Examiner.com
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