Female Sex, But Not Male Sex, Better With Cannabis

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A summary of current literature suggests that women are more consistent than men in reporting facilitating effects of cannabis on sexual behaviour. Evidence suggests that women are more sexually motivated and receptive under the influence of cannabis while men lack sexual motivation and experience erectile dysfunction. In both sexes cannabis effects are dose-dependent, meaning that there is some small range of cannabis intake at which the effects are maximal, with higher and lower doses being less facilitatory (females) or detrimental (males).

The reasons underlying the positive sexual effects of cannabis in women may be due to an increased sensitivity to touch and relaxation, and as a result, sexual responsiveness. However, there are only a limited number of studies examining cannabis effects on female sexual behaviour in humans, and all of them rely on self-report measures. Further, many of the studies are not in agreement with one another about the type of sexual facilitation. Nonetheless, the research to date is almost universal in its agreement that cannabis (dose-dependently) has positive sexual effects for women.

Unlike the research in women, cannabis effects in men are less clear since while many studies are negative in tone, some studies suggest that the relaxation effects of cannabis enable men to put more attention and focus into sexual pleasure. However it has been suggested that positive sexual findings in men under cannabis influence is a placebo effect due to the expectation that the drug will act as an aphrodisiac.

Research on cannabis use in men does agree that erectile dysfunction can result since a relationship has been found between cannabis use and endothelial (a thin layer of flat cells that line blood vessels) damage in young men. This suggests that chronic cannabis use may result in damage to cells early in life that are vital for erection.

Overall the message for men using cannabis is mixed at best with the possibility of increased sexual pleasure weighed against erectile difficulties. It may be that male sexual behaviour benefits with small amounts of cannabis above which various difficulties occur (too relaxed, erectile problems). For women the message is more clearly beneficial for sexual behaviour, however high doses would still be detrimental.

Source: Female sex, but not male sex, better with cannabis - Vancouver health science | Examiner.com
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