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First indoor grow


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I'm quite new to indoor cultivation and have a couple questions. First off I purchased a 7x7 tent and 2 xxl hood with 2 1000hps to finish off some plants I had outside after 2 straight weeks of rain and cold damp weather. Lost over half my crop to rot. They took to the environment beautifully and are almost ready for harvest. My first question is although the plants look very healthy I know some bugs caught a ride into the tent so what is the best way to ensure they won't effect my next crop. There must be a way to clean everything and kill any pest that may b left after the plants are chopped. What should I clean with and what are cleaners I shouldn't use? Second, I am running a 750 cfm centrifugal fan with the fan speed turned all the way down and it sucks the sides of the tent in a bit. How much exhaust is too much and is there a way to measure it? After these plants are done I have 5 white widow and 5 white cookies seeds I plan on growing in soil. Is this too many plants for the space and lights I have? I want nice big colas and healthy plants so I don't want to over crowd the tent. How do you test the ph in soil or is there a certain soil that comes with a ph suitable for my use? Thanks for the advice and since these will be my first start to finish indoor grow I will start a journal :)


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The questions really can be answered if u just read. The cfm is basic math which u can calculate using ur área and reading the box. Look online and it will help u use math for yourself to figure out how strong of a fan u really need. So, lighting is easy. Also long as there is 25,000 lux from the tested area that will promote healthy growth. Optimal would be 50,000 lux. Read up on lux. Many people focus on Kelvin and lumens and wattage but lux is a very important part. Basically finding out the lux will let u use the lights to your best allowing u to know how u can cover the most space with just the right amount of intensity and WHERE places need more lighting. Read up on it.

also, you don't really have to worry about overcrowding. SoG actually is based around that principle. A bunch of small plants which means less veg time, but without sacrificing final yeild. All you have to do is read.

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sorry to hear about your W>W.. ... If your can get out and give them a good shake to get the water out it will do the trick... The kola's are huge on this plant. Its a very forgiving plant.. so i would just flush it till you harvest.. cut it down in the dark.. these flower up to 10 weeks..
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