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I went to [a site that has] a program that puts medusers and caregivers together are no cost, this program is for canadians ,they are also still giving out free seeds to medusers, thats a group of people moving in the right direction,its always nice to see a seedbank backing up its beliefs with action.
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Medical users protected (for how long?)

They will help you out if you're a med patient in need of good beans. But so will a lot of people if you get involved and ask. Don't be afraid is my suggestion, especially now that the 9th circuit court of appeals has determined that medical marijuana patients growing or arrested for possession can't be convicted. This is a new developement within the past week (Dec 13, 2003?) and I'm not sure if it will help or not. The 9th circuit court of appeals have their decisions overturned more than any other court, so don't go public yet. The court says that Prop 215 in california and other state med marijuana laws must be honored. My state has no medical marijuana laws so I don't know what that means for me, the only requirment to be protected is that you must have a doctor's prescrption saying that if it were legal, I would prescribe it to this person.
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YES, My wife emailed them because she has slight depression from low seratonin and they sent her a medicinal packet. It has 10 seeds of high grade bud, some bacteria that helps to stop any root rot, a catolg of all the seeds you can purchase, a medicinal card that gives her 25% off any seeds and growing instructions.