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Ganja Pile-Up At Police Stations

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The storage rooms at police stations across the country are stuffed to the roof with marijuana because for the past six years, none have been destroyed, says Opposition Chief Whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj. At the end of each drug case, the narcotics would be ordered to be destroyed in Chaguaramas, an exercise done twice to four times yearly.

The pile up, he said, was causing confusion with the tracking of exhibits, and resulting in cases against drug accused being dismissed. Police in the Southern and South Western Divisions told the Express that there were problems with the disposal of drug exhibits, and that accurate property room record-keeping was being compromised.

Maharaj said such mismanagement proved that State could not win the war against criminals and gangs. He made the point during a meeting with residents of Tabaquite at the Brothers Road Community Centre yesterday.

He also knocked government for allegedly negotiating with the criminal gangs, and warned of the activities of more than 2,000 deportees returned to Trinidad without being electronically monitored as in the United States.

Maharaj said there will be a town meeting on Thursday involving police at Forres Park and resident of the surrounding communities are asked to attend to give their suggestions to solve crime. Last Friday, Maharaj and other UNC-A leaders met the Commissioner of Police to discuss crime issues.

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