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Gavin Newsom Vows To Support Marijuana Legalization On 2016 Ballot

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California - "I happen to believe that marijuana is a helluva lot more benign than heroin," Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said at a luncheon in Marin County on Tuesday, where he pledged to back whichever initiative makes it onto the 2016 ballot. Newsom is currently leading an American Civil Liberties Union task force that is evaluating the many facets of cannabis legalization. The committee is in the process of researching the potential impact of marijuana legalization in California, studying the complexities of taxing and regulating the drug for adults. It hopes to release a report on the matter by the end of the year.

In a recent interview with KQED Newsroom's Thuy Vu, Newsom said he has never ingested marijuana. He doesn't like the smell. "I don't like drug abuse, or drug use. That said, I dislike the 'war on drugs' more," Newsom said. "It is a war on people of color, it is a war on poor people, and it is an outrage." Newsom said the federal government's efforts to legislate marijuana are not working and the inability to consistently and meaningfully regulate the drug is a driving force behind the task force's research.

While the past 40 years have been spent "drumming the beat to the 'war on drugs,' " drugs are more "plentiful, more powerful and potent" than ever, Newsom said, adding it is time to question the socioeconomic discrimination inherent in marijuana-related incarceration. But with this failure comes opportunity. Newsom believes marijuana legalization is the nation's opportunity to own up to the past, putting an end to the unnecessary expansion of the criminal justice system.

Over that past decade, polls have increasingly shown public approval of marijuana policy reform across the political aisle. In 2014, a Pew Research Center poll found 54 percent of Americans favored the legalization of marijuana usage. According to the poll, although legalization continues to be a more liberal viewpoint, both Democrats and Republicans agree that federal enforcement of punitive marijuana laws is not worth the cost. Despite statistics from Columbia University's Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse, which demonstrate addictive properties in marijuana for 9 percent of adult users, Newsom said the idea that the federal government classifies marijuana side by side with heroin and LSD and above methamphetamine and cocaine, is "absurd." However, concerns about legalization, concerning health or otherwise, are merited, Newsom said.

In 2010, when Californians voted down Proposition 19 (the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act), Newsom said he was too "cowardly" to campaign for marijuana legalization. He said the proposal, although proving important for the nation's discourse on marijuana usage, had holes in it, citing the excessive regulatory autonomy given to counties. "I admired the courage of those that put [Prop. 19] on the ballot to begin that conversation," Newsom said. "Had Prop. 19 not have been on the ballot, you would not have had the Colorado initiative and a Washington state initiative to move forward on this debate in an implementable way and a substantive way."

Even in Colorado and Washington, however, reports of expanded out-of-state black markets with once-legal trafficked marijuana supplies are cropping up. According to reporting by the International Business Times, marijuana from Colorado has reached 40 other states. "Polls agree something needs to change," Newsom said. "It is time we become more mature on this topic." Newsom said he is not looking to allow marijuana on the sidewalks and parks of California, but that the goal is to keep it off the black markets and out of the hands of children. As for his own kids, if he ever finds out they are smoking marijuana, they are grounded, Newsom said.


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He's making a run for the presidency. I disliked him at first, but then became a cannabis consumer again over three years ago. Siince then, I see everything differently. I believe as America gets wise to the fraud, we'll change. And that will change the world.


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highrobert &JSBLAck - America (Canada too) is in such a deep hypnotic trance that we still think we're 1st, in the world - WE ARE LAST & we are lost. If your only wish for change is thinking pot needs legalization, you're pretty stuck. The whole world is waking while
N. Americans continue to think freedom is a weenie/marshmallow roast at a beach bonfire!

Legalization is Capitulation!

When one learns the historical fact that the FIRST ban (law) against hemp was in Swaziland, in 1922, as an act of protectionism to support the cotton plantations of Egypt, one can see the true, evil purposes of colonialism/capitalism. The ban on hemp was introduced to Kanada in 1923, more than a decade sooner than in the USA!

Repeal of all restrictions against hemp agriculture OF ALL TYPES must be initiated.

The truth of the matter is simple: allowing production of medicinal, industrial, commercial and recreational hemp products will destroy large swaths of most of capitalism's favoured phony industries, starting with: big Oil, big Pharma, the AMA/CMA, big Agri, Monsanto, etc. Forestry, Construction, Clothing and many other industries would be affected as well -
that is the true reason that the lies were started about hemp after WW I and the real reason that perpetuating these controls, or legislating "regulations to control ... for ... protection...
...society ... child ... taxes .." is simply another set of LIES that will crumble in the floodlights of Truth that will, one day, catch all of "Society" in it's glare!

I doubt that ANY politician of any stripe (the only ones I've seen are yellow) will endorse this Truth! No politician would be permitted to discuss such a "ludicrous" concept - also, each and every politician who might be paying attention to reality knows we must keep our prisons full, train new criminals, keep the courts busy, generate more misery and continue to do the good work of the Big Banks!

That's only a glimmer of a glimpse of a Truth, only a whisper of the whole Truth.
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