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Hayward Hempery is facing eviction



HAYWARD -- Cheryl Adams, who owns The Hayward Hempery and its medical
marijuana dispensary, has been evicted from her business's downtown
building at the corner of Foothill Boulevard and B Street, her
landlord said.

Adams, who has been running one of the county's oldest and best-known
dispensaries, was evicted because she was several months behind on
rent, said Mountain View Realtor and property owner Ron Ikebe. For
lease and for sale signs went up Friday, although Adams still has a
few more days to pay and possibly getback on the lease, Ikebe said.

Adams called a reporter late Friday to say she has until the 13th to
come up with the money owed and that she's trying to get the money
together, possibly by partnering up with other people.

Someone left a note in the business's window about a week ago stating
that the facility would be closed for the week.

"Stay positive, even when everyone else is bringing you down," the
note reads. "We can't let them win. They are just in it for the
money, sadly to say."

Adams and her Hayward Patient Group have been in the spotlight lately
as the City Council struggled to come up with a way to sanction
existing dispensaries amid conflicting state and federal drug laws
and efforts to revive downtown.

She was also arrested in Newark last month on felony marijuana
possession charges, and her business has been the victim of several
recent burglaries, including one Ikebe heard about a couple of days

The City Council agreed last month to grandfather in three existing
Foothill Boulevard dispensaries -- including Adams' -- all of which
had operating in violation of the city's zoning law.

According to the agreement, Adams' dispensary and Local Patients
Cooperative are allowed to operate for three years, under certain
conditions. Hayward Patients' Resource Center (HPRC) is allowed to
operate for one.

If one of the other dispensaries closes in the upcoming year,
however, HPRC can stay open for three years, the agreement states.

So The Hempery's likely closure is good news for HPRC owner Jane
Weirick. She said she's afraid to get excited until Adams' time is
officially up.

"I'm holding my breath," she said, adding that her patients will be
relieved to know they have a place to go for the longer term.

Michelle Meyers covers Hayward, Cherryland and Fairview. Call her at
(510) 293-2463 or e-mail mmeyers@angnewspapers.com .

By Michelle Meyers, STAFF WRITER
Hayward Daily Review
Jan 10, 2004
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