Help! Are these buds ready to harvest?


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Hey guys,
I am new in growing and this is my first time. This one is Dutch Automatic and it grows already for quite long time(4months now). So i decided to ask more skilled growers what is your opinion.
Do trichomes and buds look ready enough and if they are ready do be harvested? However, the hairs are 50-70% yellow-orange-amber, but as i do not have magnifying glass i can not see trichome colour precisely:/ Thank you for any suggestions in advanced!
Re: HELP!Are these buds ready to harvest?

Ignore pistils. They run a continuous growth cycle white/brown white/brown etc.. all through the grow,, and have no correlation to the trichome color.

It's difficult to tell without a magnifying glass, put that on your list of things to buy for the grow. You want something 40x-60x magnification.

From the pics, I'd say you probably have a lot more time to go. I still see handfuls of clears on the leaves, and leaves trichomes mature faster than bud trichomes in my experience.

Ignore breeder times too, most are inaccurate.
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