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Hippie chick

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:bong: :bong:

:bong: Hello All I've been a stoner since the 9th grade Damn that was 95'. And I guess the only reason why I smoke is so I don't go completly insane, I have two boys 9 and 7 and all the do all day every day is fight yell scream.. So I wake up every moring to a "J" bong pipe blunt something before they get up and after they go to bed every night I don't belive in smokin around them Yet Maybe when they hit their teenage years.. I often Toke alone, But I love to blaze with others better, I've moved around a good bit and haven't met very many tokers in my area.. I'm very out going I love to be outside {well when its not fuckin freezing out} I'm flirty and I Love to have fun, I married to a trucker so My life is very boring. Well thats about all I have for now..


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hippie chick, welcome. :3: i also have two boys 4 and 13, let me tell you, i know how you feel:laugh2: i smoke for the same reasons. great to have you here.

Big dog

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Hey Hippie Chick! I like Your Gallery Pics. Especially the Gas Mask! Enjoy Your Stay Here!


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"And what's wrong with truckers? I'm one and my life is way far from boring"

hi cro! i think she just meant that having her husband on the road a lot is sometimes boring for her. just guessing though =)

Hippie chick

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And what's wrong with truckers? I'm one and my life is way far from boring. :48:

Nothing is wrong with truckers, I have a family full of them.. My hubby is a trucker and is going more often then he's home.. And Thats boring when all ur friends is his and they don't come around unless he's home
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