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Holland Township Bans Marijuana Store-Fronts

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HOLLAND TWP., Mich. (WZZM) -- It has been one of the biggest questions surrounding Michigan's Medical Marijuana law, how should distribution be handled?

The law does not provide specifics, instead leaves it up to local communities to decide.

After weeks of debate, on Thursday night Holland Township commissioners unanimously approved a medical marijuana ordinance. In a 6-to-0 vote, the board passed an ordinance which will require growers to license caregiving locations and expect inspections.

The law also spells out regulations for patients and specifies how far away a distribution center must be from schools.

Most importantly, the law is tailored to outright ban retail store-fronts and dispensaries.

"All of us here at the township came to the conclusion that retail type outlets are not permitted by state law," said Township Planner Jon Mersman. "We are passing this to bring our community in compliance with the state law."

At least one storefront will be affected within the township. Managers of the dispensary Patient Solutions 420 claim the township board has tried to draft language to kill the business since they've been in town.

"It was very clear that they were voting this through at all costs," said the business's Outreach Director Monica Bakker. "They don't want anything like this to exist in Holland Township."

Mersman says the board interprets the law to say retailers are not permitted and are just trying to bring Holland Township in to compliance.

"All of us here at the township came to the conclusion that retail type outlets are not permitted by state law," he said. "I know we did the right thing."

The ordinance is passed, but Bakker says they're not done fighting.

She and the managers at Patients Solutions 420 have two seperate cases of legal action pending, stemming from one incident. On March 3rd, Bakker says she witnessed several members of the board in violation of a state scripted protection act, following a meeting.

"They violated the open meetings act by discussing medical marijuana while the meeting was already adjured," she said.

Bakker claims she took notes while administrators openly gabbed about the proposal's regulations while she was waiting to be picked up from the meeting.

She's filling charges against the board for violation of the act and in a seperate case, asking that board members be recalled from service.

"We will file charges on Monday and those papers are already drawn and ready to go," Bakker said. "They broke the law. I heard them."

The ordinance can be enforced 10 days after it is written and posted for the public. Bakker says that leaves them a good three months to stay in business.

She says if judges side with the township, the business will find a new location.

"This is far from over," she said.

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