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I whole-heartedly disagree with the whole legalization of anything. In consenting to the authority of the government, and that in which it utilizes to assert it's authority over all, is what empowers them to tell us it is "Illegal" or "UN-Lawful" to posses or use anything. The corruption and control of whether we are, or are not allowed to consume is in fact a direct violation of our constitutional rights as they are written. The conversation of whether or not to amend a "Law" or even the creation of a law for/or against anything, again is a direct violation of our "Rights" as resident in this country. The "legalization" will only lead to what is happening to our cigarettes... "A chemically dependent brain is simpler to control, then that of a free mind".(Mr. M. Strindberg) The abundant dumping and pumping of a chemically dependent society. And the oppression of our individual ability to access a profitable "Home" grow-able product.
The illegalization of anything, including marijuana, is more then whether or not it has a detrimental affect on anything. The discussions that are held, are only to cloud your choice, the drug itself is introduced, and discussed to simply confuse the public. The truth is, they have always known what it is capable of, whatever it is, including "Mary" and you will never know the whole truths in regards to anything they (Government period) don't want the truths to be completely exposed. In lay-mens terms, the legalization of marijuana simply is a discussion, only to confuse you, the criminalize'd individual. So to believe he/she's voice is heard. They've known the cash potential cannabis can bring, but like he mentions, the ruling interests in the world would crumble. The "Special Interest Groups" and "Lobbyists" would loose just that, their special interests, and the rule they have over the free mind. An intoxicated, confused mind is simpler to control, then that of a free mind.
Our constitution was written as a con, by con's to convince an easily influenced drunken society of criminals that their free from the grasps of suppression and control of kings and queens, only to be led blindly into a camouflaged mirrored system!
Fight for our freedom's all you want, the fight is the oxymoron in you're arguments, and until you see that. You will never be free. They suppress any and all abilities for us as individuals to rise above their control, unless we have proven we are a part of their cause.
OIL is just the most in your face commodity that is rooting the world's in-ability to stand and unite for themselves. We live in a country that deceives us all into the belief we matter, when in fact it is proof in our Economical & Political system's flaws that we as individuals have no voice, until that of a group large enough to threaten the power and authority of another group, is it that we are heard.
The ability for any person in a home dwelling to profit uncontrollably, is a threat to all that is suppressed into control. MONEY is Power, Power is Control, Control controls the money.
If we ever want to be free, and have the ability to "Stand Up" for ourselves, then we need to do so now, for it is slowly being stripped away from us, and it's being done so with our consent and willingness to co-operate with their cause. The suppression of a right is never about the right to, or not to do, but for the "System" to find out whether or not the right is a profitable ?Parley? (I think that is the right term) for those in "money printing & management".
The only reason we have the "System" we have in this country, or at least as it was presented to "US" was in whole due to the attempts of control the British rule had over the world. Yet, we never left. B.P. Proves my point exactly. British!!!!! Petroleum is one of the world's leading organizations, and control a great majority of the oil and it's subsidiaries in this, and many countries. They "RULE" over more then just the Oil production in the world. The have a grasp in almost every aspect of human daily activity.
Think about how much is run and controlled by steel, and oil. Yet, we escaped the grasp of British Rule, when we ran to populate this country. Our laws, and rights were written by those that where directly "in-bed" with the queen. I believed for so long that we where a unique and free society, until I saw we are just a part of world domination, and lifelong enslavement.
We showed we could "STAND UP" for ourselves, and they re-asserted their world dominance by instilling their entire lifestyles, including their banking system, and military rule via proxies like "The Pinkerton's", Federal "Reserve" Bank, USA Steele, United railway, etc etc... If you looked into the ownership of many companies that claim to have been in business for decades, you would find numerous corporate spider-webs that would eventually lead you right back, to again, "AMERICAN POWERHOUSE'S", if you follow the paper trails that haven't been long but forgotten.

When did war and causalities become commodities

Read you're history, Watch for N.W.O. You are already a part in the play...
Be aware of it, you are a direct result of it...
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