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Irish smokers

big budda

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Hey MR 420

I myself am an irish smoker and grower.
Most irish people on here will not say there irish because of the fear of getting caught.
So not only is weed banned in this country it is also pretty much banned about talking openly about it,just because of the fear of getting busted.

But yes my friend there are a lot of irish people on here and on other fourms to.
Peace and happy growing.


Ireland is one big small town[emoji1]

I grow indoor and out. I am open about my opinions on marijuana, and about growing, not me growing but growing in general[emoji15]

There are a couple people who know I grow, I supply folks with illness and disabilities. The laws will soon change here. [emoji1374]

I can't smoke it myself, wrecks my head. I used to love to get high[emoji854], now I can't touch it. [emoji22]

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Agreed eatmorefruit, everyone knows everyone
So sad you can't toke anymore!! I'm gutted for ya. Fair play for looking after others though, much respect. Growing is addictive though, it's such a joy to watch them blossom from a teeny seed to lush bushy flowers


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Hows all ye im irish and recently growin till i got caught right before harvest ha was unlucky i surpose . Ye sooner the better they realise its better than perscription drugs and all natural there afriad that theyll lose to much money from the pharmasuitical companys . Ppl killin themselves and dont even no it ha quinny420
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