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Legal Defense Fund Established to Protect the Rights of Medical Marijuana Patients

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SCOTTSDALE — On the heels of a lawsuit filed by the State of Arizona to determine the legality of the recently enacted Medical Marijuana Law, a legal defense fund, Don't Let Medical Marijuana Die, has been established to protect the will of the voters and guarantee ill patients access to medication that relieves their pain and suffering.

The lawsuit, initiated by the Governor and the AZ Attorney General, puts the future of Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act in question and leaves sick and dying patients wondering when they will be able to relieve their pain and suffering. At issue in the suit is whether Arizona's law can legally be enacted even though Federal law continues to make possession and distribution of marijuana illegal. The suit seeks to obtain clarity regarding this seemingly conflicted legal status of medical marijuana laws.

Attorney Ryan Hurley leads the Medical Marijuana Division at Scottsdale's Rose Law Firm. While disappointed about the halt on Arizona's Medical Marijuana program, he feels the lawsuit will ultimately be decided in favor of patients and states' rights, "Health care providers and medical marijuana dispensary operators shouldn't have to worry about federal prosecution for simply trying to treat sick patients. Ill patients should not have to worry about access to medication as they battle HIV, cancer, spinal cord injuries, or multiple sclerosis, just to name a few. Hopefully this fear of prosecution can be put to rest and the legality of State MMJ laws can finally be upheld."

Don't Let Medical Marijuana Die was formed to protect the rights of Arizonans and protect the dispensaries and health care providers who are simply trying to relieve the pain and suffering of their patients. It's seeking donations to cover their legal expenses in this vitally important battle.

The Board Members include:

-Dr. Daniel Rubin, Medical Director of Naturopathic Specialists, LLC in Scottsdale, AZ, where he practices full time as a naturopathic oncologist
-State Senator Robert Meza, a 3rd generation Phoenician who sits on many civic boards
-Ari Schafer, President of the Civic Center Pharmacy, a locally and nationally recognized source of custom compounded medications not routinely available through the larger chain stores
-Victor Ostrow, Former General Manager of Rawhide western theme park and a 37 year resident of Arizona. His work in promoting Arizona tourism includes past participation in the Valley of the Sun Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

These individuals have courageously stepped forward to protect the rights of countless Arizonans seeking relief from debilitating pain.

Approved by voters in November 2010, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act legalizes medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. 16 other states have done the same.

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