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Linden Extends its Moratorium on Medical Marijuana

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LINDEN, Michigan – The Linden City Council voted to extend its moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries and caregiver facilities for another 90 days at its meeting Monday.

The moratorium temporary prohibits certain land uses connected with the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Medical marijuana is legal under the state law but still remains illegal under federal law.

The city council first placed a moratorium on medical marijuana at a February meeting.

City Manager Chris Wren said the city council is following the advice of its attorney to wait until the courts give a better direction on what path the city needs to take.

"We're just waiting for the courts to rule," he said.

Linden isn't the only city dealing with the issue. Fenton also has a moratorium out as it too awaits court rulings to guide the city. Fenton city council is expected to consider extending its moratorium again in August.


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