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MA: Legislature Considering Changes To Legal Marijuana Law

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Pro-legalization advocates like Jim Borghsani are outraged and said the legislature is deliberately going against voters' rights. The senate president said safety is the major concern.

"The amount of material that will be produced is substantially larger than two individuals could actually use in their home, and so the concern is whether or not that would create what they call a grey market," Rosenberg said.

Borghesani disagrees.

"It's actually a very modest amount. There should be no fear whatsoever it's going to contribute to the elicit market," he said.

Other potential pot legislation changes could include:

  • Restrictions on weed-infused edibles
  • Give cities and towns more control over pot shops restrictions on edibles
  • A legal standard for driving under the influence of pot
  • "This system is set up as a regulated system. We created the Cannabis Control Commission to come up with all of the rules, all the regulations that will govern the industry," said Borghesani.
It's still early in the session and a special committee who would address these marijuana law changes has not been formed yet. But both the house and the senate have vowed to work together on this.


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