Man In Desperate Need Of Medical Marijuana Crowd-sourcing Moving Costs

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With millions of dollars flowing across the internet via crowd-sourcing sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, one man has decided to use these tools as a way to get what he so desperately needs: Moving money to get to a state with medical marijuana.

Here is his story:

Seth Green and his mom need to relocate to Colorado to be able to secure safe medication and have access to qualified and informed physicians to treat his complex medical conditions. The medical establishment in Tennessee will no longer accept him as a patient. The pharmaceutical medications he has been taking are not effective and cause severe side-effects. Seth has found relief in medical cannabis, which unfortunately is illegal in Tennessee.

Seth Green is a 24-year-old man who uses medical cannabis to treat his Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, seizures, and the after-affects of a stroke. His mother will have to move with him because his health has progressively deteriorated to the point where she will have to be his caregiver. Due to his illnesses he has lost over 25 pounds.

Seth nor his mother has the means to make the trip across the country on their own. Several months ago a charitable group organized to help people in Seth's situation was unable to secure a place for he and his mother to live in Colorado. This is the reason he has created this crowd-funding request for himself.

Some of the expected costs of his trip will be airfare, ground transportation, housing and a deposit. While they get established, they will need to pay for food and any other incidentals that will certainly occur.

Please help with any financial contribution to aid in this move from Tennessee to Colorado. It is urgent they do this as soon as possible because his health is deteriorating. Seth and his mom are planning on moving to Colorado as soon as they have enough money make the trip. Every dollar helps bring Seth closer to effective care.

Thank you from the Green Family.

You can support Seth and his mother by donating to the cause:

Moving to Colorado Springs by Seth Green - GoFundMe


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