Mayor Walsh Joins Outrage Over Burbs' Banning Pot Shops

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Mayor Martin J. Walsh blasted towns looking to ban sales of recreational marijuana despite residents voting to legalize it last year, saying the state Legislature needs to put a halt on plans that could lead to Boston being overwhelmed by suburban pot buyers.

"If they voted for it, they should have a pot shop in their neighborhood, they shouldn't have to drive to Boston for it," Walsh said on Boston Herald Radio. "I don't think the Legislature should allow exemptions, if there are I think it's unfair and unfortunate. Shame on them if they do."

Last year, voters overwhelmingly passed a ballot question -- which Walsh opposed -- that legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in the state, and the Legislature is currently writing regulations and battling with state Treasurer Deb Goldberg over who will enforce them. But while the State House is creating rules, more than 40 cities and towns are looking to opt out of recreational pot sales through bans or moratoriums -- despite a third of those communities voting for legalized marijuana, according to a Herald review.

Walsh said those bans would lead to suburban residents flooding urban areas to get marijuana, and that they ran counter to the new law of the land.

"I don't think we should have a pot shop on every corner ... but the fact that it's legal and voters voted for it, I do support," Walsh said, adding that the legislation creating recreational sales needed to be fixed. "It's poorly written, there are so many loopholes. This is clearly a gaping loophole."


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