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Med Marijuana in Maine


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I am looking for a doc that is willing to recommend med marijuana in the state of Maine. Is there any known since this is a med Maryj state. PLEASE Contact me if any are known.


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Saw my doc today. He has no problem with pot whatsoever, has known I smoke for a long time. Unfortunately, his association has decided as a matter of policy not to recommend MM. My medical provider is probably the largest in Maine's largest city...perhaps the largest in the state (Intermed). My doc would sign the cert in a sec if he could.
My eligibility is without question (I have one of the nine listed primary conditions). So, if the largest medical provider won't do certs, what are patients supposed to do? See another doc (if you can find one), pay who knows how much for that, plus pay $100 a year for the cert. Probably additional money every year for the second doc too.
They need to fix this flaw.


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With the opening of the very first dispensary in the state in Frenchville this month You would think that there would be a known doctors in the area. If anyone has information on a doctor in the northern Aroostook county area it would make me very very happy. I have more than one of the nine primary conditions documented and disabled for. I also have complete medical records that could easily be handed to the potential doctor upon first consultation or visit.


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I need help finding a doctor that is fine with marijuana smoking, My dads back is really bad and he also has an eating disorder and without smoking he can't eat and is in a large amount of pain. He has been told by six doctors that his spine is un-fixable and that he will be in a wheel chair if he keeps working. I am trying to help him if anyone knows of any doctor in Maine that will look the other way with his pot habit then please respond ASAP he needs SSDI and to be able to smoke.
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Be very Careful my freind; as I recently asked my MD about medical M, and was told she thought it would definitely help with my pain; then asked me for a urine about 3 months later; and informed me she could no longer prescribe my pain medications due to THC in my urine. This was after having a patient/ doctor relationship for 7 years!!! Now Ive got major problems. The Feds are attacking the medical community in Maine, namely for all the pain med deaths, over doses, fraud etc, as Maine is leading the nation "per capita"in prescription abuse.Unfortunately its patients such as myself that have to pay the heaviest price for something that has nothing to do with me, as I needed my pain meds


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I need help finding a doctor for a recommendation. I don't have a primary care physican. I live near Bethel. Can anyone help?


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I myself, Up in the North Part of maine had a hard time. I hope this helps all of you.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation Appointments

- Leading Doctor in Maine Dr. Dustin Sulak DO
- Location: Portland, ME
- CALL: 207 482 0188 or Integr8 Health LLC - Leader In Maine Medical Marijuana
Mention Maine Medical Marijuana. Org

Good luck.
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