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Medical Marijuana School Opens in Seattle

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SEATTLE -- Wednesday marks the first day of school at an unconventional college.

The Academy of Cannabis Culture and Technology -- or ACC Tech -- will begin teaching authorized medical marijuana patients and their providers how to make their own cannabis.

The school will have courses on cannabis cultivation, cannabis cooking, grow room construction and marijuana laws.

"To produce medicinal-grade cannabis, it takes some skill, some knowledge, some know-how," said Jason Semer, one of the school's founders. "There's a lot of things that you can fail at."

Semer felt there was a need for the school after Washington's medical marijuana laws changed this year. For now, the state allows authorized patients to grow their own medical marijuana and take part in collective gardens. Dispensaries are now considered illegal.

"I would like people to understand that we're not all the closet stoner folks," Semer said. "We're professional business people that use cannabis to relieve pain."

The entire 5-course curriculum, which includes a lecture on the law, costs $930. A single 4-week course costs $250. The school also offers just the 3-hour law lectures for $50.

About 25 students were signed up to begin classes Wednesday night, Semer said. All students must be authorized to use medical marijuana and the school said it does verify those authorizations.


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