Medical Marijuana Turns Former Soldier's Life Around

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Former Canadian military Chris Hillier served his country as a firefighter with the Canadian Air Force. His military career took him to the Middle East just months after the attacks of 9-11 against the US. His service took him to some of the most active war zones witnessing the horrors of middle Asia.

The consistent stress and war conditions left Hillier with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, and he struggled to bare through it with little success. The conventional pharmaceuticals given to him by military physicians seemingly made Hilliers PTSD worse, which landed him at rock bottom. When he returned home, Hillier loss interest in work, he became violent, very argumentative and he had problems sleeping. He then found him self without money and homeless, which inevitably lead him to losing custody of his children and illegal drug addiction.

He started using crack cocaine, and this new addiction lead him to a life of crime and bad choices such as assaulting a police officer. On a downward spiral he decided to make some changes, one change he made was he started using marijuana. It was at this point that things started to turn around for him. The marijuana abled him to get clean from the crack, but it also made it easier for him to manage the anxiety brought on by his PTSD and he was able to sleep again.

Now Hillier is clean, employed and off the streets. He's able to manage his PTSD and has become a valuable member to society. He owes it to his treatment of medical marijuana. He is one of the few vets getting support for his treatment under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations program for his disorder. He is one of only a handful of vets whom get his medical marijuana paid for by Veterans Affairs Canada, and his progress is proving well worth it.

The research regarding former soldiers with PTSD and medical marijuana is growing in Canada, but here in the US it's a totally different story. The U.S. Veterans Administration does not consider marijuana a suitable treatment for PTSD and refuse clinical trails of the drug with suffering patients. 50 US veterans were rejected medical marijuana treatment in September after hearing about successful PTSD trails. They are now forced to stay on harmful pharmaceuticals, and their disorder is not under control. Maybe someday Chris Hillier can become an icon that helps push this necessary treatment worldwide, but in the mean time, congrats to him and his continued success.

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