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Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
A group of Treasure Valley moms that support the use of medical marijuana is preaching the healing power of pot.

Vickie Burke is one of several moms in the "Moms 4 Marijuana" group that would rather smoke a joint than use conventional drugs for their chronic pain. Burke says taking her morphine pills for her incurable liver disease cloud her memory and make it harder to be a mother to her children. Burke says she wants to legally be able to smoke pot for her medical condition. "(Smoking marijuana) would allow me to function a lot better, a better quality of life I would say. Using marijuana, I wouldn't have a foggy memory and have less pain," she said.

Sarah Caldwell, mother of two, says for her, prescription drugs for chronic pain and parenting don't mix. "The chemicals make me unable to care of my children."

Caldwell also says she worries about her kids getting into her medicine cabinet. "When you have all these pills that are red, blue, and green, kids are going to think they're skittles," she said.

"Moms 4 Marijuana" will be one of several groups supporting the legalization of marijuana at a rally in Boise Saturday. The event will be held at 2:00 PM in front of Julia Davis Park and the Boise Art Museum.

Over 300 cities around the world will hold their own rallies.

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