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Morro Bay Marijuana Dispensary Reopens Doors


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The Morro Bay pot dispensary raided by federal agents is back in business.

Here are the facts first.

* Late last month, the Drug Enforcement Agency, along with San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's narcotics detectives, served search warrants at the dispensary and its operator's home.
* The business's security guard, Abe Baxter, was arrested during the raid for possession and sales of marijuana.
* He was later released on bond.
* A federal judge ordered the details of the case be sealed.

Compassionate Caregivers Medical Marijuana Co-op has re-opened its doors just over a week after being cleaned out by federal agents.

The facility, which serves more than 2,000 patients, opened its doors quietly Saturday morning.

According to the business' attorney, members of the co-op worked together day and night to get it up and running.

The facility was able to reopen because its business license is still valid with the city of Morro Bay and the state.

Many of the patients Action News spoke with were relieved to hear the dispensary was open again, but the San Luis Obispo county sheriff's department said their relief may be short lived.

"I was depressed because I just feel more safe when buying something from the club than people on the street or though a friend of a friend of a friend," said one patient.

"The whole problem is that what they're doing is illegal as far as the federal government goes under federal law and the problem is that if they continue to operate in their current fashion the continue to violate federal law and they will be subject to being shut down," said San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Brian Hascall.

Dispensary operator Charles Lynch would not comment on the re-opening.

The sealed federal warrants are slated to be made public in a week or two. Any indictments will be handed down at that time.

The sheriff's department went on to say it hopes the investigation helps legislators come up with some kind of clarification between state and federal medical marijuana laws.

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