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My experience with Quickfix

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Hey all,

Been a longtime stalker but very rare poster here. I am a heavy equipment operator for a major construction company in South Carolina, and on Wednesday finally got hit with my dreaded first random drug test. It was a 10 panel through labcorp, not a split specimen (whatever that means...). Basically, I kept the Quickfix in my car, and on the away to the lab closed all the vents except for one, blasted the heat, and heated it to 100 degrees which was done before I even reached the lab. Tucked it under my nuts, two hours later FINALLY got called to the back. I mixed the vial of uric acid into it just previous to walking in. Poured into the cup at a perfect 98 degrees even though it was cold as FUCK in that waiting lobby. The lady didn't seem suspicious at all. So, we shall see. This was just yesterday, so I will update with results. I am very nervous, as this is my first time using Quickfix... I passed my pre-employment with real piss from a clean friend. I don't smoke much, but on the weekends I like to smoke my ass off. This was Quickfix 5-7.1 Canadian version, not sure of the batch number but I got it about 3 months ago, ordered by calling Spectrum Labs directly. Now, the waiting game begins.... I really can't afford to lose this job, so I sure hope this shit works. Yeah yeah, I know... if you really want to pass don't smoke etc. but FUCK THAT. I am a combat veteran with 3 deployments to Iraq as an FMF Combat Medic/Corpsman, and I smoke to calm my mind. Wish me luck, and I WILL update this thread, whether it's telling you I failed or by next Wednesday that I haven't heard anything which would mean I passed. SMOKE UP NUKKAS!:rasta:
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I sure did! It was a ten panel test, and I used QuickFix 5-7.1 Canadian version, with the uric acid. Passed with flying colors. I never followed up here because noone seemed interested/to care lol.