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New England - Northeastern Institute Of Cannabis Opens For Enrollment

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The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis (NIC) is opening its doors in less than one month and is holding open house events for prospective students to come and check out its 7,500-square-foot campus in Natick, Mass. The school is in the process of becoming the first state-licensed Occupational School in New England to offer education specializing in growing, processing, and dispensing cannabis. The institute offers a 12-course Cannabis Industry Certification that will train prospective employees in all facets of the industry important to employers looking to fill positions in highly regulated medical marijuana programs across New England.

The school is founded by Mickey Martin, long-time cannabis activist and author of the book Medical Marijuana 101. The Institute of Cannabis has spent over a year developing coursework and is excited to open their new campus in time to meet the demand for a trained work force, as dispensaries in Massachusetts begin to open their facilities in coming months. "We are here to help you succeed and teach you everything you need to know to compete for a good-paying job in the cannabis industry," said Mr. Martin in an email to prospective students. "We look forward to educating you on the cannabis plant, its many uses, and the industry and movement that make up the cannabis landscape."

Courses included in the Cannabis Industry Certification program are: Medical Marijuana 101, Understanding Regulations, Industry Vocational Training, Cannabis Safety, Cannabis Law New England, Cannabis History, Cannabis Business, Cannabis Science, Industrial Hemp, Cannabis Cultivation, Patient Services, and Media Training. Classes officially begin Sept. 15 The school will be hosting an educational tent the weekend before opening at the Boston Freedom Rally with panels of speakers discussing important aspects of the cannabis industry. Enrolment for fall classes has already begun. The school facility also shares space with Uplifting Health and Wellness, a medical clinic specializing in traditional medicine, alternative therapies, medical cannabis, and health education. The space at 10 Tech Circle in Natick, Mass. is centrally located for easy access from all parts of New England.


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