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new grower needs help


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Hi dudes new to growing seems like a good place for some friendly advice

got a set up in cupboard with 400w hps intake and outtake fans with 3 og kush just into pots problem is temprature is far too high, think its due to air flow as I have good fan at180m3/hr at to bottom pulling air in and a crapy 137m3/hr near the top "waiting on new 220m3/hr coming" temps are in excess of 42°c. So I fans at the bottom along with humidifier lol how can I rectify this problem

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what are the dimensions of your grow space? and what is the current temp outside?
temps can be difficult to control in tight spaces with hps especially if its summer outside.
to be realistic a 400w hps requires about 4ftx4ftx6ft(LxWxH)minimum size grow space to be in full control of your enviroment.
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