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New to 420 magazine and growing, long time smoker from canada


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Hi i am a long time smoker who has been thinkin of joining a forum to chat with like minded people. I am trying my first grow (outdoors) this year and am having some problems. That gave me the push to join a forum because i need advice. I will be posting a thread about my problems soon but thought it would be polite to introduce myself first. I am from ontario canada and have been smoking for about 5 years now (im 21 and started kinda late). I have always enjoyed smoking. I have never been able to figure out why pot is illegal. Its something most people enjoy and doesnt have nearly as bad of impairment as ______ (i read that u cannot talk about other substances on this forum including the legal one that would fit in that blank. I know im probbably being over careful not putting the word but i dont want to get in crap my first post haha).

Hope to talk to some of you soon
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