NV: Event Helps Veterans Access Medical Marijuana

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Reno, Nev. - Local businesses came together Sunday to help veterans gain access to medical marijuana cards. This event provided hope to veterans like Shane Whitecloud.

"What you saw and what you went through while you were over there, you have to live with that," Whitecloud said. "It might just be something as simple as pulling up to your driveway and you hear screams and it's overbearing."

Shane lives with PTSD. He was also diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2012. He receives expensive treatments for that every six weeks.

"I sit in a chair for three hours and have this drug pumped into me, and for the next six weeks, I deal with the side effects, which is nausea and pain and, you know, it's starting to affect my teeth," Whitecloud said.

Whitecloud heard about Sunday's event and decided to give medical marijuana a shot.

"If it helps me with my weight gain, and it helps me with my pain and nausea and it's a fraction of the cost, I say 'why not?'" Said Whitecloud.

A group of medical marijuana businesses came together to form Canna Community Connection. The group held an event today to help veterans learn about — and get access to — Medical marijuana.

"It's been super easy. These guys are amazing, very welcome and courteous, and I couldn't ask for a better way to learn about this than to come in here myself and actually speak with the people who are running the organization," Whitecloud said.

They sponsored the application fees for veterans today, which can be hundreds of dollar, with the hope that this can help them find some relief.

"To me, I think veterans have done so much for our country. They deserve access to any kind of medicine that is going to help them," event organizer Sarah Rosenfeld said.

Veterans like Whitecloud are grateful for another treatment option.

"Veterans are going through a lot of issues already, and I think something like this would help them out, not only medicinally, but also emotionally," Whitecloud said.

Several of the dispensaries present on Sunday offer discounts to veterans.


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