OH: Broadview Heights Establishes One-Year Moratorium On Medical Marijuana

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Broadview Heights, Ohio — On Monday, City Council voted unanimously to establish a 12-month moratorium on the growing, processing and selling of medical marijuana.

The moratorium will last twice as long as those proposed in Brecksville and Broadview Heights, both of which are considering six-month moratoriums. Some Ohio communities, including Lakewood, have already approved six-month moratoriums on medical marijuana.

"It's what our residents want," Councilman Brian Wolf said of the 12-month moratorium.

The moratorium will prevent medical marijuana businesses from opening in Broadview Heights for one year and give city officials time to study a new state law that will allow patients, starting Sept. 8, to use medical marijuana prescribed by doctors. The law, House Bill 523, was signed by Gov. John Kasich on June 9 and gives municipalities 90 days to react.

The problem is the state won't nail down rules for the law until long after it allows patients to start using medical marijuana. Municipalities like Broadview Heights may keep moratoriums in place until the state can work out those details.

HB 523 authorizes municipal governments to establish some of their own marijuana regulations. Local governments can restrict locations where marijuana is cultivated, process and sold, or they can ban the growing and sale of marijuana altogether. However, municipalities can't stop patients from using medical marijuana.

Broadview Heights council members told cleveland.com they haven't decided whether to allow the growing and selling of medical marijuana in the city once HB 523 rules are ironed out and the moratorium ends.

"We're going to move cautiously," Councilman Glenn Goodwin said. "But at first blush, I don't think our residents want to see cultivation (of medical marijuana)."

The state law already provides some restrictions on medical marijuana. For example, no one can grow, process or sell marijuana within 500 feet of a school, church, library, playground or park. Also, no one is allowed to grow marijuana in their homes.

Earlier this month, Brecksville City Council asked Law Director David Matty to prepare legislation that would establish a six-month moratorium on medical marijuana. Council may vote on the legislation next week.

Also this month, North Royalton Law Assistant Law Director Donna Vozar said her department will recommend a six-month moratorium to North Royalton City Council on Sept. 6, two days before the state medical marijuana law goes into effect.

Strongsville Law Director Neal Jamison said earlier this month that he was examining HB 523 but had no plans to recommend a moratorium to Strongsville City Council, at least not yet.


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