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Ohio Medical Marijuana Ballot Language Rejected

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says a group wanting to legalize medical marijuana has enough petition signatures but failed to properly summarize ballot language in its initial effort toward putting the idea before voters.

The Columbus Dispatch reports DeWine last week rejected the 2012 ballot proposal by the Ohio Coalition for Medical Compassion. The constitutional amendment would require a prescription for marijuana purchases and allow those qualified to grow a limited number of plants.

An initial 1,000 signatures and approval of issue wording are required before the group can circulate additional petitions. It would then need about 385,000 valid signatures to make the ballot.

DeWine in August rejected another group's initial effort to get a medical marijuana issue on the ballot because it did not have the required signatures.


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The constitutional amendment would require a prescription for marijuana purchases and allow those qualified to grow a limited number of plants.http://www.chron.com/default/article/Ohio-medical-marijuana-ballot-language-rejected-2180934.php

Substances that are classified by the federal government as Schedule I narcotics cannot be prescribed. I realized that cannabis' position as a schedule I narcotic is under a legal challenge, but if the proposed amendment to the OH constitution is worded the way that this article states it is then it seems to me to be a case of putting the cart before the horse.


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Prescription wording is a horrible idea.
Dr's will not,can not write a prescription for cannabis.
Recommend yes, prescription impossible.
My 2 cents.


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Sounds like Mr. Dewine doesn't like or want medical cannabis doesn't it?


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Ohio will be one of the last states to pass a MMJ law in this country. A very conservative state . RD :love::peace::peace::peace:

It will be in the latter 25 states, perhaps, but I wouldn't think that it will be one of the last five (or ten).

Consider this: In Ohio, possession (or cultivation) of up to 100 grams is a minor misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine only - no jail time. So is getting caught giving another adult up to 20 grams. Selling is a felony, but less than 200 grams is 6-18 months. Paraphernalia possession is a misdemeanor with maximum punishment being 30 days and a $750 fine.


In Kansas, possession of any amount (first offense) can get a person up to a year and $1000 fine, second offense and the maximum goes up to 42 months and a $100,000 fine. Sale of any amount is punishable by up to 51 months is jail and a $300,000 fine. Getting caught with a dirty bowl could cost a person up to a year of their freedom and $2500.

In South Dakota, possession of 56 grams or less can cost you up to a year and $1000 - and a positive urine test or other evidence of recent cannabis use is considered to be possession! Getting caught delivering 1/2 ounce or less as a gift is punishable by 15 days (mandatory minimum sentence) to a year and a $1000 fine. Inhabiting a room where cannabis is being stored or used - getting caught letting a buddy smoke a joint in your room, for example - can get you a year in jail.

In Wyoming, some of the punishments are about average. Unless you get caught selling any amount - then you might go to jail for ten years. Come out of jail, get caught selling a joint for a second time and that possible ten year jail term just became a possible 20 years... for selling a joint.

In Oklahoma, possession of any amount can get you a year. Unless it's a second offense, in which case it's a felony and that can get you up to ten years. Cultivation of 1000 plants or less - yes, even ONE plant - can get you thrown in jail for two years to LIFE. (Again, it is possible to be convicted for growing one plant in the state of Oklahoma and get life in prison!) Sale of any amount - from a joint to 25 pounds... You just won a $20,000 fine and a stay in jail from two years to life. And it's minor compared to everything else, but conviction for any of these things means you'll have to pay $100 into Oklahoma's Trauma Care Assistance Revolving Fund (where, oddly enough, I doubt any of it is spent on the victims of the drug war). And kiss your OK student loans/grants goodbye, of course.

In Arkansas, possession of an ounce or less is "only" up to a year in jail for the first offense - but a second offense could get you six years and a third might get you ten years. Sell an ounce, that's up to ten years. Unless it's a second conviction, which doubles the penalty. Paraphernalia possession is "only" up to a year (and up to $1000)... Unless it is along with a felony possession (say, you got caught selling an ounce with a bowl in your pocket?) in which case it is a felony as well and will get you up to 10 years in jail (for getting caught with a bowl!) and a $10,000 fine. Second convictions of most of these things doubles the allowable penalty. Oh, and... Any sale within 1000 feet of a school, public park, community or recreation center, public housing, day care center, church, skating rink or video arcade increases the penalty for the offense by 10 years. Unless you're in the middle of nowhere, you're probably within 1000' of one or more of those things, so bend over.

Now, aren't you glad that you live in Ohio, lol?

Some years ago I lived in Ohio. I lived in a multi-use building with both stores and apartments. I was growing cannabis. I was also dumb enough to not realize that the smell that I had become accustomed to and no longer noticed was one that the other tenants and the employees/customers at the stores DID notice and had not become accustomed to. Imagine my surprise when I was walking across the parking lot... To be confronted by the local (OHP) K9 officer, lol. He read me the riot act about how every time he stopped in to buy the morning newspaper he was met with comments about how someone was growing cannabis. He then went on to tell me that he had a pretty good idea that I was involved (he never actually said, "I know you're growing," but the implication couldn't have been plainer if he had) and that it would save both of us a lot of time and effort if I took care of the smell - he didn't say, "Quit growing cannabis!" lol - before he was forced to Take Official Notice.

And the words that went through my mind then and that are going through
it now are, "Try that in Texas, hippy." ;)

If I ever head back south and get stuck in Ohio, well... I could think of worse places to be stuck in.


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Love that post.
I too lived in the heart of it all.
Fine for up to 4 lids no jail= nice comparatively
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