OK: CBD Products Stocking Shelves In Ardmore

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Earlier this year Oklahoma amended the way they define marijuana and because of that, a new source of medication is stocking shelves in Ardmore.

"You are going to hold that down under your tongue for about 23 seconds and then just let it absorb into your mouth and swallow."

Since CBD products, also known as cannabidiol, have little to no THC -- a chemical compound highly concentrated in marijuana -- people do not feel the effect of being "high."

And because of House bill 1559 which was passed into law earlier this year, any industrial hemp containing less than three tenths of one percent of THC is not considered marijuana and is legal.

Giving people like Allene Williams, who suffers from arthritis, the chance to try an alternative pain reliever.

"I have tried everything," Williams said, "We buy the ointments and the things you rub in and maybe 20, 30 minutes and then it just starts hurting."

Owner of Going Postal, Desiree McGarity, hosted the CBD information and sampling party to let people know about the product she sells.

McGarity says she uses the product she sells, which does not contain THC, for her back pain.

"I have an overall sense of well being and calmness and then the pain lifts," McGarity said. "It's not one hundred percent gone but it's enough that I can function."

Chiropractic Doctor Brent Holland also sells a brand of hemp oils that contain very little THC in his office.

"It effects our bodies in such a way that helps regulate, so it gets rid of inflammation, it gets rid of anxiety, it can help with seizures, it can help with concentration, it can help with people who can't go to sleep easily or stay asleep," Dr. Holland said.

Dr. Holland, who has been researching CBD for 6 years, says he recommends people sample the all natural product first to see what works for them.

"Because it's natural, I am in a good position to be able to provide this to people that need it and that's what I want to do," Dr. Holland said, "I want to help as many people as I can."

Though the hemp oil contains very little THC, Holland says there's a low chance someone who uses it could test positive on a drug test.

Holland says it's best to talk with your doctor first and doing your research to find which dosage and product will work best for you.


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