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Pot advocate denied refugee status in Canada

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VANCOUVER - A U.S. medical marijuana advocate who sought refugee status in
Canada had his claim rejected Monday.

Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board ruled that Steve Kubby did not have a
well-founded fear of being persecuted or tortured, or that there was any
risk to
his life, if he returned to his home state of California.

Kubby had said the 120-day jail term he was ordered to serve in California on
minor drug charges would be a death sentence.

He claimed if he did not smoke pot every hour, he would die from complications
from adrenal cancer.

Kubby fled to British Columbia in 2001 to avoid the jail sentence. He then
a refugee claim to avoid being deported.

The Board noted that California does permit the medical use of marijuana in

The Board also ruled against the refugee claims of Kubby's wife Michele and
their two daughters.