Pot Selling Gas Station Attendant Busted


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Some customers at a local Exxon weren't looking to buy gas, according to police.

Attendant Moshin Pervarz was arrested Friday for selling marijuana out of the station on the Black Horse Pike at Doughty Road.

Police received information a couple of months ago that an employee was dealing large amounts of drugs there, acting Capt. Jose Ruiz said.

“We were able to substantiate, based on surveillance, that one of the gas attendants was acting suspiciously,” Ruiz said. “Vehicles were pulling up but not purchasing gas.”

An undercover officer then made several marijuana purchases at the station, Ruiz said.

On Friday, police returned with a search warrant and arrested Pervarz, 21, of Vineland. They also seized about 2 pounds of marijuana — some in the business' cash drawer — and $1,000 in cash.

Pervarz was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession with intent to distribute and possession within 1,000 feet of a school zone.

The business was shut down that night, but has since reopened.

Police are looking into ownership and mercantile information and how Pervarz is actually listed in connection with the business.

“We will be checking further into that establishment,” Ruiz said. “We are seeing who knows what.”

Police also are seeking a narcotics restraining order against Pervarz, which would keep him from resuming his job at the station.

A narcotics restraining order prohibits a person from returning to an area where they were arrested selling drugs, Ruiz explained.

“If they come back, it's the same as in a domestic-violence case, they are in contempt and arrested on the spot,” Ruiz said.

Pervarz was taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility, where he was held on $35,000 bail.

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Scarab said:
Does your bong take leaded or unleaded?

Have you ever tried using the Bong Water brand soft drinks as actual bong water before. Seemed like a good time to ask and I've been wondering about this:

The bottle says that some of the ingredients can help clean out your system and such, so I was wondering, would this burn some of the THC while you're smoking if you used it as bong water?


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af420balla said:
that shit doesnt clean our ur system, nothing really works 100percent

I never said it did, I said that the bottle lists some ingredients that are supposed to help cleanout your system. That didn't answer my question either, so relax man.


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holy shit i live right down the street fro mthat exxon i bought a bowl from him before...i didnt think this was that big news to make 420times. AWSOME


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luckyHAZE13 said:
holy shit i live right down the street fro mthat exxon i bought a bowl from him before...i didnt think this was that big news to make 420times. AWSOME

i know where this exxon is, i live about 20 mins from it, lol
so if they sell bowls in an exxon the prob sell weed too???
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