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SB 423 Would Force Medical Marijuana Shops To Shut Down

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KALISPELL, Mont. -- Senate Bill 423 would force all medical marijuana caregivers to close their doors. It takes the profit out of the business.

Golden Leaf owner and caregiver Josh Fox has been in the business since medical marijuana became legal in Montana in 2004. He says it's been an uphill battle saying providers are "worried" about what's to come.

In March, the federal government raided caregivers across the state in an investigation they say is focused on drug trafficking. At the center is caregivers selling to caregivers. It's just one example of the state law both industry insiders and government officials call vague. Fox says there are many parts of the law that are "just gray."

Last week, Montana U.S. Attorney Michael Cotter said he hadn't studied the medical marijuana reform bill, yet cautioned the legislature the feds consider marijuana in almost any form to be illegal. That's a concern for many caregivers, yet for now many business owners like Fox are focused on SB 423. It would slash the number of cardholders by more than 90%, force people to either grow their own or get someone else to do it for free, and patients would have to get a new card by July 1st registering them with local law enforcement. Fox says such changes would "absolutely" cause medical marijuana caregivers to close their doors.

The senate and house will hear SB 423 with its newly proposed amendments Tuesday.

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