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Shipping Seeds - What Can And Cannot Be Discussed - Please Read Before Posting

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Teddy Edwards

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This area can be fraught with difficulties, so we need to be very clear about what can and cannot be posted here on 420 Magazine.

Our objective is to act in the best interests of our members, sponsors, and our site by helping avoid any possible conclusion that a Federal law may have been broken.

Unfortunately, it is still a felony to import cannabis seeds into the United States. Once these laws are changed, we can lift these guidelines.

Am I allowed to discuss how I acquired my seeds domestically in a legal state?
Yes, provided it was by legal means. However, 420 Magazine asks you to consider whether revealing this information adds more risk or value to the discussion. Please consider that the core Federal Cannabis laws haven't been changed. Fortunately, the current executive branch has prioritized its limited resources on matters other than harassing plant lovers. However, we all need to be mindful that administrations change as do political appointees. Today's tolerance could be either tomorrow's legalization or tomorrow's renewed war on plants. As such, we respectfully ask our members to consider that discussing methods of packaging, means of transit, and sources of supply may not be in the best long term interests of our community.

Why am I not allowed to discuss how I received my seeds from an overseas seed bank?
Importation, use of the mail etc. is potentially a federal felony. For the safety and protection of our members, sponsors, and the website itself, these types of posts are prohibited.

420 Magazine understands that there are many ways that our members acquire quality genetics. (State legal cooperatives, self-maintained phenotypes and/or breeding, collectives, friends, family, etc.). We are just asking that members keep their business to themselves in this area for the protection of all. We also understand that people could be shipping to addresses where it is legal to receive seeds via transport. However, since 420 Magazine has a blind membership base, the third party reader can't/doesn't know the posters location and we need to avoid any unfounded suspicion in this area.

Just to be clear on the issue, it's okay to talk about the seeds, name the strain, name the originating bank (no linking to non sponsors though), say how many you have or when you got them etc. It's not okay to discuss the transportation. Most importantly, do not discuss shipping seeds to any state where cannabis is illegal.

If shipping seeds into the U.S. is illegal, why do you advertise seed banks?
It's okay for 420 Magazine to host a banner (billboard) for any company we choose to in return for a fee. We are a worldwide Magazine and it's not illegal to ship seeds in all worldwide locations. We aren't involved in the business decisions, practices or actions of any of these companies and do not take responsibility for what they may or may not do regarding following the law of their land.

Does this mean I can't discuss mailing Cannabis or ask how I can get my Cannabis from one state/country to another either?
That is exactly what this means. Using the postal system to mail Cannabis plants/clones and/or Cannabis seeds is against federal law. Therefore, for the protection of all, we do not allow it to be discussed here.

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines, we are truly grateful.
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