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Snowboarders Beware; Weed Police On The Way

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Athletes who have taken a page from a 1960s textbook on casual drug
use will be in for a sobering surprise come next year. Beginning Jan.
1, 2004, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport will add marijuana to
their list of banned substances -- and athletes will be randomly
tested for the drug during competitions.

"They really thought this through and didn't decide this lightly,"
said Winnipegger Shawney Scatliff, who has been testing local athletes
for steroid use at training camps and meets for the last decade.

Scatliff said the CCES decided to adopt the World Anti-Doping Agency's
prohibited list -- which includes marijuana -- in a continued effort
to provide mandatory international standards for the sport world.

The blood drawn by Scatliff usually to test for steroids in athletes'
systems will now also be tested for levels of cannabis.

Scatliff said the whole idea behind testing athletes for illicit drugs
is to encourage them to succeed on their own, without any chemical


"We really try to educate athletes that you're harming your body,"
said Scatliff, adding she also hopes to see more testing in the future
and stronger penalties for those busted with drugs, in order to reward
the athletes who do decide to go it alone.

"Let's catch those people who are taking these drugs, (so) our
athletes don't have to feel that pressure." she said.

Pubdate: Sun, 21 Dec 2003
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
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